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Our Sauces

Rich and Bold

GMA-JO’s sauces are rich in flavor, just add one or two small spoons to all your dishes for the perfect amount of smooth heat.


We grow and nurture our unique varieties of Habanero peppers in West Africa. We do not support harmful industrial farming practices. All of our ingredients are sourced locally.


Our sauces are sealed in glass jars to maintain our ingredients' integrity and proper conservation.

Our Story

Gma Jo


Grandmother Josie, or Gma Jo  (jee- mah jo) was a passionate, fun loving mother of 6 and grandmother of 12. She had a quick wit, a sharp tongue and a big heart and showed her love through the big hugs and bold, dishes that she made for her family. 


Gma Jo was known to spend hours in the kitchen making sure that every dish didn’t just taste good, but looked good as well. Her grandchildren have vivid memories of eating sugar cane and fresh pressed mango juice on her sofa, waiting impatiently to taste the stews they could smell coming from the kitchen. 


To honor our grandmother’s fiery spirit, our line of hot sauces are made with ingredients often found in her cooking and organically sourced in her hometown of Lome, Togo!

Our Sauces

A Trip to West Africa, Togo.

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